Beyond the Cushion: Navigating Life's Turbulence after Meditation

Meditation cushion, journal and blanket

After you finish meditating and open your eyes, different things can happen:

  1. The Inner Critic Returns: The voice inside you that criticizes you may come back, sometimes even stronger, making you doubt yourself again.

  2. Distractions from the Outside: As you go back to your daily routine, things from the outside world can disturb the peace you felt during meditation. For example, getting a work message might make you feel stressed and take you away from feeling calm.

  3. Going on Autopilot: When you leave the meditation and start doing your usual activities, you might go on autopilot. It means you do things without really thinking about them, just going through the motions without being fully present like you were during meditation.

Meditation helps you relax and reach higher levels of awareness. With practice, you can detach from your everyday life and see things from a bigger perspective. But your ego, the part of you that wants control, doesn’t give up easily. It pulls you back to the usual demands of life.

Recognizing this tendency is a good sign because it means you’re becoming more aware of yourself. When you come back to reality, be kind and understanding to yourself. Accept that it’s part of your personal journey.

At Prana House, we explore different types of meditation, like using sounds or light, or guided meditations that focus on specific qualities you want to bring into your life.

There are many ways to meditate, and your preferences may change as you grow and develop spiritually. It’s a continuous process of growth for your personal and spiritual advancement.

Meditation isn’t just about reaching a goal; it’s about being yourself in the present moment. It helps you get to know your inner self better and feel comfortable with who you truly are. It can have unexpected positive effects, making it easier for you to handle life’s challenges with calmness and grace.

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