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Join us to truly experience what it means to awaken.

Overall well-being is of utmost importance to us at Prana House. We believe that incorporating daily practices into busy schedules can allow one to go through life in a more balanced and wholesome way.  We have created the ideal environment to help you experience wellness.

Expert Community

Bringing together a thriving community of experts, healers, practitioners, seekers, and supporters.

Peaceful Sanctuary

A thoughtfully constructed space that is ideal for this journey towards discovering your true inner-self.

Support & Guidance

Individual support as you take your first steps towards self discovery, wholeness and oneness.

Services you can find at Prana House

Find what suits your needs, all in one place.

One on One Sessions

To help you experience wellness we have a range of one on one treatments that can guide and support your journey. View our service menu for more info.

Workshops & Classes

We offer a wide range of classes, workshops, and courses to choose from. Check out our weekly schedule to find the perfect class for you. Class packages are also available.

Book a Room

We offer practitioners a beautiful, all-inclusive space to focus on their clients and their craft, without having to worry about bookings, billing, or setup.

About Prana House

Prana House is a wellness center co-founded by two friends that crossed paths through their own personal journeys in holistic healing and wellness. Both partners are qualified Reiki Masters and are also individually qualified in different therapeutic modalities. Their passion for wellness gave birth to Prana House; a wellness centre that believes in community and connection and aims to support and encourage experts, practitioners and instructors.

A wellness centre that believes in community and connection. Supporting experts, practitioners and instructors by providing a tranquil space with a plug and play model.

You can focus on your craft and clients, without having to worry about anything else.

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